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REBELS OF BLOOD MOON OFFER (includes a review)

  REBELS OF BLOOD – THE ERTEN TALES is a science fiction novel which is available in paperback and kindle worldwide. WARNING- Contains mild swearing, sex and violence. As the darkness fell over the celestial void around the cosmic forces combined in the passage of the night. A small group of mysterious warriors stand within the shimmer of light, as the enlightened warriors walked through … Continue reading REBELS OF BLOOD MOON OFFER (includes a review)

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Straight from the heart: Poems of light and inspiration

  Straight from the heart : Poems of Light and Inspiration  A collection of Inspirational and Light poems, designed to pick you up and inspire you in your darkest days. Amazon priced 99p Youtube Continue reading Straight from the heart: Poems of light and inspiration

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Poetry of my youth

This book contains a range of poems any child would love to read. Inspired by a ten year old child, who requested the subjects contained with in this book. Topics range from school, animals, mythology and food. Available on Amazon Priced 99p Amazon Kindle Youtube video Continue reading Poetry of my youth

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Poems from a dark mind

Poetry and prose based upon personal experience of Mental Illness, the fears of a dark future yet to come. Available on Amazon priced £0.99p Amazon   Youtube Continue reading Poems from a dark mind


Templetons Tale(short story one)

As the sun set upon the land, Templeton walked through the hussell and bussell of the busy streets. The drones are flying high in the sky, as the men and women go about their daily business. As the street children hiding in the sewer pipes and caves, as the wealthy elite living and getting richer by the minute. Not stopping to care or even give … Continue reading Templetons Tale(short story one)


Hey hey hold your horses

Hey Hey Just slow your horses watch where you tread for the days graces Down the road and up the alley slow your horses and don’t dilly dally As a little child my father told me a story of times of magic and knights, dragons Chivalry and honour, valour and triumphs warriors and giants the magical kingdoms That we once ruled overseers and watchers Stand … Continue reading Hey hey hold your horses