A Child of The Shadows (An Erten Short Story)


The day soon arrived that Rebel walked out of the juvenile Detainment he had grown to know as his home since he became one of the teens embroiled in the theft of several military vehicles.  He was a tall man of six foot in height with short black hair and brown eyes and aged thirteen years or so the paperwork seemed to say.  That was the best he could go by due to his treatment within the dark, mysterious juvenile correctional centre. No one knew what happened to the children who enter the facility.  As he looked around and noticed a tall man stood to wait for the child to walk over, promptly Rebel walked to this man and extended his right hand to the officer he saw dressed in Alpha uniform.
“Evening Sir, “ Rebel looked to the tall, balding man who wore a black uniform with the AS lettering interwoven on the officer’s right chest plate.
“Evening son, I am John Hunter you will be staying with my family and me.” John walked to the car door and opened it “Cuffs will stay off unless you prove you can’t be trusted.” John offered a friendly warm smile as he wanted the child to feel easier the rest of the night was introductions to the family and allowing the child to rest.

”Hey son, you ready for school?” a tall bald headed man asked which drew Reb’s attention over to the custodian that he had become proud of knowing and knew it did not take long for them to become friends.

”Yes sir, I got my bag ready” Rebel replied as he ran to the pickup and jumped in, unaware of what the day would hold as he settled into the car and smiled as he noticed the disk playing he smiled as he listened to Hawkwind on the radio. “Awesome music Sir!” the young boy smirked as he closed his eyes for a few minutes he had been out exploring the area around the house.

”It’s Hawkwind kid; they are an excellent group, many of the children who come to this school have listened to them due to and the boys. It’s a group I heard on the trip to Earth many years ago” John stated he was aware that the kid was new to it all and looked around to the boys, John drove towards the school the kid was going to attend. As the neared the school, he looks over to the child with a smile.
“Hey you in the secured unit for a while you do as they say, and I will pick you up after school,” Johns manner stayed the same friendly person as he looked back to Shane and the others around him.

”Dad why is he in secured?” Shane piped up he was curious as to why his friend was not allowed in the same class as the other boys.

”Victoriana and Phillippe believe the extra security will help him out, give him a few weeks and then we ship him over to your side. “ John stated as he looked at the boys and parked up as everyone heard Reb’s reply.

”Damn it, I’m not going to run you know Hunter!” he snaps as he looks to his guardian and the kids he had viewed as brothers for a long time. He makes it obvious he was not happy with the deal as he saw two soldiers walk to the car he steps from the car and grabs his bag.
”Rebel it won’t be for long, a few weeks until you can show your behaving in school.” The older man said as he looked to the kid he did not exactly like it, but it was better than rebel ending up back in prison as he saw the look of disapproval in the lad’s eyes.

”I know, but I just got out of Juvie I don’t want to be in a prison type school.” Rebel replied angrily that even within the family no one trusted him to keep out of trouble. But even he knew his track record spoke for its self he wanted to be good, but was having too much fun being who he was. The town was scared of him as they all had either fallen foul of him or learnt his reputation he was all too aware that he was not well liked, by the inhabitants of the city and security was high. He knew that he had no choice but to go with the soldiers and walk into the school, he looked around as the shut behind him securing him from his brothers over the other side. As soon as he walks in his guard was up straight away, he could hear the chants from some of the other boys and names such as “psycho” coming from a group of lads followed by “Monster, loser” being shouted at him as he looks up glaring at those around him. He knew he was still young but juvenile hall had taught him a lot of ways to survive. As the soldiers back away slightly he looks over and smiles hearing a thud behind him he turns glaring without even thinking he lands the first punch upon a child younger than himself this did not seem to register as the kid hit back. They matched each other punch for punch and kick for kick oblivious to everything around them as the fight continues. More and more children approach and cheer for the boys that were fighting and enjoying the kick of adrenaline, no one wanted to lose and the only thing registering in his mind was to kill his opponent. As they hit each other the sweat pouring down their faces and necks hitting the cuts that have been made by the punches, which sting all the more the salty sweat pouring and blood spurting from the wounds spurring the boys on in their fight. Until the feel the officers grabbing them tight and pulling them away.

“That’s enough boys calm it down!” Dallas stated as he looks to them both, but rebel was in the swing of it and fighting hard to get back into the fight he did not care and certainly was not thinking “Calm it down NOW before you get into trouble.” Dallas used a firm tone many of the children at school knew not to mess as he holds Rebel against the wall and reaches for the cuffs.

”G..E…T…O…F..F….M…E” an angry and now frustrated Rebel shouts back to the officer holding him. “I’m going to kill you, Gourdin,” he shouted as he tried to look to the man, behind him as the officers drag him into a cell and leave him sitting on the bed his hands firmly secured behind him.

”You will stay here and calm down we will be back in once you have calmed down,” Dallas replied as he stepped backwards from the cell. Rebel always found it hard to hold his temper, but even he had to admit this could get a hell of a lot worse before it got any better for him. As the hour passed, he stood up and walked to the cell, back in juvenile detention he had got used to the restraints they used and was happy this place did not use them everyone hated the restraint chairs, but they knew that the child needed to calm down before someone got hurt.
“But time will tell” he muttered under his breath looking at the ceiling for cameras. As he walked the cell and thought of his actions suddenly, he can hear the sound of people walking down the corridor he freezes for a moment his mind back to the cells in reform school.

”Sit down Rebel, where we can see you!” Dallas ordered as he looked at the soldier could not help but smile as he noticed that Rebel had complied with his order as the child sat back on the bed.
”Boss!” the kid replied and the door opens an attractive lady with long flowing brown hair walks into the cell.

”Evening Rebel this is not how I wanted to meet you, I am Victoriana Keelin Chalice.” she smiled and in turn so does rebel there was something about this lady, something that made him feel at ease which was strange she was part of the establishment. But he gives it no other thought his day was bad enough without making it worse, as he watches Dallas sits in a chair and Isa sitting next to him. ”Care to explain what happened? I have already called the guardians.” Victoriana looked to the child all she had in her eyes was care and compassion for the children in her care.

”I came into school, and the other kids started to me, I know I should have risen above the argument and ignored the behaviour, they were giving out but the more they called me out, the more I snapped. I do not even remember who I hit.” he looked to her trying his hardest to block out the man in military uniform.

“The child you hit was Iuan Ryder Sinclair; he’s a long-term inmate…But you do not need to be bogged down with who he is..Just bare in mind if the soldiers did not do their job you would not be left standing. “ Dallas replies as Iuan had taken people down for less.” Yeah right he’s younger than I am, he’s nothing but a pipsqueak.” he replies with his old egotistical attitude and saw them both shake their heads.

” Do you think that will help your case? You have been out less than a week, and already a case of assault could be brought against you.” Victoria replied as she looks to the kid their eyes meet. Briefly, this was when things registered in his mind, and he bit his lip.

”No ma’am, I am sorry ma’am.” Rebel a young kid looks at the floor for a few minutes.

”I will ask the school counsellor to talk to you, and we will need to decide if we hand your case back and have you recalled. Like this, a one-stop shop for you screw this up, and you can go back.” Dallas states as Isa looks to the boy knowing he had not been out long.

“But for now you can go home with your guardian, and think of your actions,” Victoriana said as she looks to Dallas.
“Remove the cuffs and let him go back to classes, just get the soldiers to keep a close eye on him, any more infractions today and we will file the papers,” she said as she and her husband had made sure, the steps they had was to the benefit of the students. But she was not going to let the child know that she wanted him to think of the consequences as she stands up and walks out of the rebel is pulled to his feet and the cuffs removed from his wrists.

”Come on your just in time for lunch lets see what the boys managed to keep back for you.” Dallas smiled for once possibly for the first time since, he met Rebel, and places his hand on his shoulder.
“You know she’s not too bad if she can help it you won’t go back to juvenile detention.” The soldier smiled as he walked out of the cell and down to the canteen the rest of the day seems to fly by as rebel tried to focus on the lessons. Even though he was counting down the minutes until the end of the school day, as the lessons, he took with Iuan the youngster soon became aware that he was made to sit down outside the principal’s office. With a soldier stationed with him to ensure he did what he was supposed to do, he looked around as he heard the school bell alerting them all to the end of school. As the soldier looks over and radios through to see what was to happen as he knew Shane and the others would be waiting for Rebel to walk out.
”Cobalt awaiting further orders sir.” the soldier waits for the reply as he double taps the receiver and watches the kid.
”It’s time for me to go home they are waiting for me; you can’t keep me here.” Rebel stood up as if to fight with the officer, as he wanted to get out of the room.
”SIT YOUR ASS DOWN MONTAGUE.” the soldier positioned himself between the door and the prisoner he was not going to allow the kid through without authorization.
”NO FUCKING MOVE, I’M GOING HOME SCUM-BALL NOW MOVE BEFORE I MOVE YOU!” rebel replied furiously at this situation even though he knows it was his fault he wanted to do what he wanted to do. The officer was stronger and taller and much faster than him but an angry child he certainly was not thinking right that day. The officer shook his head as he looked to the child.
“I would like to see you try, I will have you back down to lock up before you know it.” the officer smirked as he knew between him and the main gates, was half a dozen officers all highly trained military personnel. The soldier placed his hands on Rebel and shook his head.
“Calm down kid we know how hard this is for you guys, just settle back and keep the temper under control.” the soldier looked over he had seen his brother go through the same, and knew from him how hard it had to be brought back into line in during the transitional periods. Rebel handed him a simple nod as he walked away and ran his hand through his hair as he walked to the wall and leant against with his head against the wall.
”I just want to go home; I want to do what I want man” he smiles as he looks around to his guard this was harder than being locked up when he got out of prison he was so happy. With thoughts of his freedom to do what he wanted to do but now he was being scrutinised even on the outside the soldier looks over. ”Vic and her husband created this school to help kids like you; my brother was one of the first. You see no matter how much they put it across that they give up unless they have to they won’t. It’s scare tactics trying to get you to think, and it works. We are so hard on you kids because we know how easy it is to fall back to the old ways, you just need the firm guiding hand society won’t give you. When you come out of juvenile detention that’s where we come in.” the soldier looked over and hoped his words was going to sink into the boys head and perhaps get him to think as the radio crackled back into action.
”Alright bring him to the main office his guardian is here for him, “ a disembodied voice suddenly came from nowhere, Rebel barely noticed it as he looked to the officer.  He was not sure what it was, but this place was different, to how he thought it would be the staff especially the guards was friendlier towards him yet strict, it was something he was not used to. It was possibly one of the only things that scared him over recent years as he looks around the room.

”I lost everything in Juvenile Detention my parents disowned me and told me I was dead to them. My brothers and sister probably don’t even know where I went; I had everything, and now I have nothing.” for such as young child he knew and understood that he had no one to rely, on but himself fighting and racing was his life now it is all he had. Why should he treat anyone with any respect his family left him behind. The guard took it all in and looked at the kid with a smile, as he nodded for the child to start walking.
”Down the corridor and first door on your left kid stand by the door until I catch up with you.” the soldier stated as he watched the boy walk rebel looked around, seeing the officers within the building. As the other soldiers around watched him and noticed the corridor had suddenly become deserted. As was the section of school once at the door he looks around but just stands there, until the soldier catches up with him. With a folder in his hands he proceeded to knock the door after a few minutes, they hear the women shout for them to enter and he is allowed in first as he walks in he sees John and glared.
”Oi cut the act kid; I know the trouble you’re in, and we have agreed you can come home this time. Your first warning son second and third your in here full time and screw up after that your back to prison.” John replied as he took the file “I will ensure he keeps all appointments and sees the psychiatrist lets hope it works.” John was not one to give up easily on these kids, with this said John walked out with the boy who only remained quiet. Shane and the others look to each other as they sit in the back of the car as he gets in, and blocked everything out he can just about hear John lecturing him on how lucky he was this time around.
”Yeah yeah,” The teen stated as he rested his head against the window to the car and fell asleep until they arrived home. Upon arrival, he stepped from the car and walked to the house he was going straight out to meet a few boys he knew from prison. As the others play in the gardens at the back of the house, rebel looked out and saw things he can’t believe some of them create blue balls of light from their hands.
“And people call me a freak,” he said almost to himself as he did not realise John was standing behind him.
“Weird huh? The boys and I are what would be… Let’s just say mutants; perhaps that is why we don’t give in where others would we are all outsiders within this world.” John smiles as he offers the kid a drink of coca cola even though he was aware it was on the boy’s list of things he could not have. “Coca-Cola the kids favourite just don’t tell Victoria,” John smirked as they both chuckle.  As the teen stood next to the window a smile stretched across his face; he was happy it honestly felt good at this point to know that he had a place that he could belong. It did not occur to the teen that his friends were anything but mutants it certainly wasn’t anything to worry about, it was simply his friends had abilities that others do not. What you will learn is that my best friends were more than that they were something, extra special the fact that no doubt will be explained later on in my story. Everyone knew this was the day when the teen’s new life began in many ways it was a tougher existence, but one he had to learn to cherish. Everyone was right life on the outside of the school and only specialist homes he had been in, was going to be harder no one would give him a second glance as the days go by. It felt as if everyone back then was judging him and expecting me to screw up, the warden’s words on the day I left juvie ring loudly in his mind every time he looked in the mirror.
“They want you to fail, but you can not afford to screw up, we do not want to see you back in here. Stand tall and proud of who you are a kid and prove them and us wrong, we will see you back in soon enough.” he walked around and attended school for weeks after the soldiers keep a close eye on him as they tried to ensure that he could not end up in trouble again. Therefore, every day the two boys separated from each other and the teen placed on attendance and behavioural reports which meant they kept him monitored for the full six months which is when they granted permission to rejoin the regular classes, which in itself was fun.  As he walked through the unit and joined his friends and he was more tolerant and seemed to be able to gang up on the other children; you see this in itself had a hard lesson for him to learn. As his unruly behaviour continued after several lectures and instructions to be good. The teen lost control and had hit strike two and thrust into the school on a full-time basis. Back to the semi-prison environment same rules and regulations during his time at the school, but the holidays as long as he had earned enough merits had been the teen was given a chance to go home for a while. As this was when the fun started, Rebel kicked off by the fact he had arrived home and spent time with my family. Well okay, in reality, they were a foster unit, but they were a family the teen was proud to have. The holidays was a time when the teen saw a different side to Victoria and Phillippe. But once the sun went down this was a different era for him; and was still interested in the races the boys got into, being a teenager this was something many other teens was suitable. As he arrived, he could not help but smile as he spent time looking for his friends gathering around me as Shane looks over to Dillon with a smirk upon his face. “Alright, who is racing tonight?” Shane asked as he looked like his brothers in arms, As he saw the other teens was milling around him sees his old friend Jackson.
“Al Allsop, Westie McGregor, Marty Temple and the new kid are the first up, whoever has a car decide who goes first.” As the older child started this, he looked to his friends; Shane looked over with a smirk as Jackson pulls up in his uncle’s Jace’s. Dodge Charger which was a supercharged Chrysler 426 Hemi V-8 as was the back, It was a pure beauty to look at and knew that the older boys were always working on it. Which he had done up, so it was a better car altogether.
“Oi Rebel you’re racing my car tonight, I’m drinking and fighting…” Jackson shouts as he looks to his friend throwing the keys over to him. Rebel catches the keys and smiles it had been a long time, since he had been in any race, and was happy he was back in line for the title.
“I will go first racing McGregor, first up.” he smiles as he looks to his friends and jumps into the car before driving to the starting line. MacGregor was older than I was at this time he would have been fifteen and smartly dressed he was from the rich end of town a fact. No one seems to mind for a rich kid he only ever seems to use the cars he wants rid of, and therefore our was usually better than his. The teen looked over with a smirk as he looked to the dodge and ran his hand over the car.
“beautiful sleek and fast just as I like them.” Rebel smirked as he looked to his friends and slid into the car. As always he neglected to use the pre-installed seat belts finding them too restrictive, truth be told even by the age of thirteen any restraints was a no go with him. But slowly as the time passed he drive the baby to the starting line, and looked at the tall, thin girl in front of us. Westie was next to rebel in his souped up car; as the boys looked over, rebel sat and tapped the steering wheel and smirked as the car could be slightly too powerful for me, especially as it was my first race in a long time. But even though this was the case money, was never why we raced. It was more of a case of the thrill of speeding through the town, the boost of adrenaline. There would always get whether racing the motorbike or scrambler. The car was an awesome feeling even compared to the street fights, not the same but the adrenaline kicking in was an awesome feeling something the teen had not felt in a long time. As he was sitting in this car, and could already hear the mighty roaring of the engines, and the power behind this baby was amazing. As he sat tapping the wheel and glared over to the kid opposite, briefly looking back at the girl in front of us. Who gives the starting signal we were off racing through the town, Rebel do not want to wait till he had cleared the corner before slamming the car at its optimal speed. Every road we would race through we are aware of the dangers taking everything in, and slightly slowing down for the corners or slight bends in the road. To him, this was always a case of proving he was right enough, not to the boys, or to the ones they would race but to himself. After a while, nothing seemed to matter as everything appeared to melt away, He appears to become one with the car and take each turn with ease and briefly looked at the car struggling behind. He couldn’t help but shake his head that kid has a death wish that was something we all understood. Eventually, Rebel came slamming back to reality the sound of sirens ringing loudly. “
Damn it” he seemed to mutter to himself as he looked back, and saw the look of panic on the opposition’s face .“Keep calm and head to the house” was all that could be said as if he was willing himself to head to higher ground, a place of safety where we all meet up in such situations. The teens knew that if he lost his cool, then it would be easy to lose this car. Aware that he can’t afford to lose control so as they approached a turn off he took the turning,
“Come on follow me!” he said out loud it was stupid a fact even he was aware of that, there was no way that kid could hear. But Rebel like the other drivers just hoped the crowd had dispersed in time. As he had suddenly taken the country lanes and kept looking into the mirror as he watched the police chasing after him, the teen’s heart was racing almost as if it was bursting from his chest as he noticed West crash out and silently cursed. But even he was aware that the accidents happened in this situation, as no one allowed themselves to slow down and their focus on the turns within the roads, as they need to be taken with care and precision otherwise, they would end up wrapped around a tree me. As he continued to race through the streets drove along the sharp corners left and right aware of the country roads as time went on he became fully aware. That the police was hot on his tail, and he needed to lose the cops, as he headed down the country routes for twenty miles towards his hideout and switched off the lights. As he started to drive blind through the country lanes this is dangerous, but there is not much else to do, and parked up in a clearing of trees, he knew and waited for them to pass. The lights switched on and suddenly off again aware that the helicopter above will pick up the heat signature of the car as well as the teens. Even then he knew he had little chance of escape once the temperature sensors came overhead and the drones were in the skies looking for you. The police and soldiers on foot patrol were out looking for you then nine times out of ten you can forget freedom. But there he was on the trees which were aware gave a little bit of coverage, slowly got from the car and started to run on foot through the woods, and down towards the old house, we all hung out. Thoughts raced through his head as my heart beat so damn fast, that even he thought it was going to burst out of out his chest at any minute. The teen looked around momentarily as he ­­could still hear the helicopter hover around where the teen was as he did not stop running jumping over logs and ducking branches, running through the cut over people’s fences as he was heard the dogs barking and growling at him for intruding on their territory. He wished that he was a shifter as he ran towards the abandoned house he could hear the thudding sound of someone else on foot chasing after him; as his pace instinctively increases until he was in full out run. The helicopter seemed to blend in with everything else as he moved towards the old hide out an abandoned house upon the hill close to town. As this was before the days of the mobile phones, we have today, and he had left his friend’s car with no knowledge if the police had found it or not, even though it was already a given thing that if you was to get the cops on your tail and could not lose them. Pull up in the clearing and just run try to lose them on foot, but above all else hope for the fucking best that you don’t get arrested. As he moved through the trees, he could see the house in the distance and ran straight to the building no one ever seemed to go there given the fact it the house was haunted, and it looked like Adam’s mansion from the classic television show. Adams family was a program he had seen on one of those satellite screens the people from earth had put up. Once in the house he stood by the window and noticed the chill he was in and oblivious to what was around him, as he felt the tapping sensation upon his shoulder.
“I..It Wasn’t me!” The teen seemed to stutter which was strange for him as it was an instant reaction.
“We know it was and where is the car?”  the teen grew cold at that voice, it was his custodian, and he was angry Rebel, could tell he was but the voice was cold and impassive he was not allowing any emotions to rise past his cold crisp still image.
“S..sir, “ in a way he wanted to turn and face him give him all the bollocks about it being his life, and he could do what he wanted to in life. Even cause death while having fun, or perhaps stuff that would shock him but he remained still and just looked out of the window as the police approach the house it was as if he was scared to turn back.
“Shanno and the boys know where it is hiding,” he replied not bothering to look at his custodian, the teen knew then, and there he was in serious trouble for breaking the law as the police stand outside refusing to enter the building. “Come on you have to face the music kid, You have to do what is right.” John took the boys arm and walked him out of the house as he hesitated and shook his head he could not help but to try to pull away from the man who had a tight grip on his arm. Even though he knew full well and looked back at it now the worst of what happened, that day was yet to come. As he walked out with the senior man my friends and other kids who were mainly homeless gathering around to watch the events unfold as Hunter walks the teen out and down the path to the police, the captain walked over.
“Rebel Aragorn Montague you are under arrest for the charges of Driving without a licence, Reckless Driving and violating parole. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney and have one present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. “ The teen could hear the words of the officer and nod that he understand, as the officers cuffed him I can not help but to look at John for a moment and then walked away. Even a blind man could see the pain in the man’s eyes; Rebel last words was ones he could only mouth that “I am sorry”. He knew if it were not for his stupidity then he would not have been arrested and dragged back for many crimes. Jackson only bought the car, as he had asked him to bring it so he could race again. Aware that no one would go easy on either him or Antero over this as the officer helped him into the back of the car and drove to where they needed me to the juvenile holding facility to be processed back into the prison for violations and other crimes. From the moment he left John his thoughts clouded as all, he could think of was the look on his guardian’s eyes. The was the lasting image, and he could imagine Shane look of shock when he learns that his friend had been re-arrested for the race, Jackson was going to be furious over the detention my only hope is he could talk his father into helping me. As I sit in the car looking at the scenery, I know that running was not a via option and he was in deep trouble, but who called John and the cops out? Why would they do that? As he sat back, he tried to work back to possible witnesses, but the roads looked clear as the boys raced earlier, someone had given the time and location this was all too coincidental that the race happens and they show up upon a bend which spooks west enough for him to crash. With this in mind, he noticed the car pull up and they drag him from the car and into being the area where they were booking. Everything seemed to be a daze it did not feel real, but yet it was I was back in hell the dark centre I had been released from only months before the same dogs growling and nipping apparently wanting my blood.

“We have young Montague here.” the arresting officer a little fat Italian looking officer smiles as he looks over to the one behind the desk.

“which Montague there’s a few of them.” the other officer says as he glances up with a smirk “Oh Rebel Aragorn Montague, the troublemaker.” With that, the teen could hear the detest in the officer’s voice, even though the child was only around thirteen at the time but learnt how to play hardball.
“Na I’m mickey mouse man,” he replied with a smirk as he tried to be funny as he saw the officers pull my name up on screen.
“We know who you are a kid, and what you was in for last time they put you in prison. So let’s try again.” the officer looked over to the teen and shook his head.
“I am the Walrus,” The teen smirked as he looked to them all not wanting to play ball with them why should we all knew what was to happen. The arresting officers shook their head and sighed a little, as they look over to the serjeant. “what we going to do with him?” one asks as he looks over
“Interview room 2a is open put him in there and lock the door, then come back here we need his guardian here or probation.” The serjeant a tall, fair-haired tanned skinned man stated as the officer walked him to the room and once in and walked to the table in front of the mirror. Where they made the child sit for a while, his hands still cuffed behind his back, as the boy looked into the mirror with a smirk on his face. The officers do as they were ordered to as I sit in the room after being searched only to find myself seated in the room being left with my thoughts as the kid ran through the event of the day. West was an excellent driver a man who had a promising future within the racing world, why did he crash out that was the bothering thought over the race that night.





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