Catherine’s tale (Erten tales short story 1)

A young blond-haired blue-eyed girl sat at a large oaken table and looked around momentarily as she thought of the past events and what she had witnessed. The doctors had requested she wrote her thoughts down on paper and her deepest darkest feelings. They did not care what the girl felt at that moment the fear and confusion; she had felt since her adopted father brought her into St Jude’s Asylum, she was brought in for being out of control and refusing to take her medication. That the doctors ordered due to them being under the belief, she had schizophrenia and a menace to society. The fact she had only ever hurt herself did not enter into the equation of life at that time.
“Writing is therapy; it will help us to see what is happening and why you can’t talk to us as well as help you to offload those feelings.” She could hear the one psychiatrist’s voice as clear as day even though there was nothing in the room with her. As she looked around the small confined space, she had been placed in her one handcuffed to the table so she could not leave the brightly lit room. She had lost track of time and exactly how long she had been locked in this dead space the dead silence of the chamber when another voice entered her mind as she saw the shadow figure with red eyes in the door.
“They want to kill you; your not like them don’t tell them anything.” Catherine went cold as ice the room she knew no one outside could hear her screams, but she tried to push the voice back as she struggled to write what they wanted. The sweat poured from her brow as she nervously started to write.  Have you ever felt you don’t belong? Have you ever had the dream of a Space Machine? Ever since I was little, I have dreams of far off worlds, the universe not too dissimilar to that of our own.  Controlled by the dark forces and militia groups working for the powers that be the people in the world not being what they seem, and other than a few I was able to tell and know I was ridiculed for the beliefs I was often able to tell them things which have now come true.    I do not fully understand where the information I have come from or what I am to do, but one thing I do know is that this transference of knowledge which has come from other dreamscapes and times as well as places often to some degree or another fit within the world we have.   I do not seek to make a fortune I do not strive to be famous, but I do attempt to enlighten the people I meet. Some of my friends call me a mad genius and others describe me as an artist I just describe me as me, a little fourteen-year-old girl with a very vivid imagination who never learnt like other children. In fact, my life has paved with so many disasters and hold ups I am surprised I am here today a fact I will bring up and discuss one day.    But then again I will fall short of calling myself a Chrystal or Indigo, Delta or Gamma child due to the fact these kids once they come out find themselves hounded by the powers that be and given hell. Or so have the ones I have heard about, but I merely stress that what is happening here on this once beautiful planet of ours is a crying shame because it has all been done before too many other planets within the universe.    The book used by the psychiatrists and other doctors is a control mechanism for anyone who is different to what the authority put out as being normal yes I am declared mentally ill, and I have been this since I was a little child but in all reality that is so far removed from the truth. A lot of what I talk about viewed as being wrong you’re not normal if you don’t fit into our ideals or beliefs.  A witch hunt is started and hate campaigns if you do not fit into the world we force you into, well if the rulers were not so dark and warlike and hell bent on division this would not be an issue.  Would a One World Order be a good thing in my honest opinion we are hurtling at breakneck speed towards that, and there is nothing we can do to deal with the consequences of this disastrous event this has been done so many times in the past?  Among the stars, it is not a new story and certainly nothing new has come from the events of the allegiances between planets and warnings other races have issued to us which is hushed up by the government to stop the mass panic.  In all honesty what mass panic?  I mean seriously we are force-fed chemicals in the water, and food which is designed to keep us dumb and those like me locked up and declared insane, my father was a drug user, and so was my mother which led to many of my complications.  But in reality none of it is his fault my biological dad is a dick, he is in trouble a lot for rebelling against the laws set by the order and is often disciplined one day they may just kill him.   The future is not a place I want to live it is a scary thought to know all that you love is fading away as the powers that be gear up for the end game. Our masters won’t return they are already here and have been for millennia but much more will come, we were all warned in 1968 they scientists established contact between them and us who gave us fifty years to sort ourselves out before the return of the dark overlords the time is rapidly approaching.  The day is soon upon us, and we are not ready to fight the war. We are not united within any form of the union don’t believe what you read and don’t believe what you hear it has happened before.   A One world order will never unite us because we are all different and unique in our way and to be centralised will remove the uniqueness the overlords don’t like the fact we are different a fact we are losing over individuality every day slowly being moved into sectors as if we was cattle.   Once in the sections, we are easier to control I know a lot of soldiers who say the first rule of battle is to divide the insurgents which split them up and makes them easier to control. As she finished the two-page story, she looked at the door of the room and saw someone looking into the chamber through the window. The cameras which seemed to have the light on which told her they were not only monitoring her but watching her she missed her home of Erten a lot more than she ever let on the boys at Pegasus and the other organisations she had grown with information and memories that she kept locked up deep within her consciousness. But she longed to go home from the hell she had become trapped in three hundred miles from all she knew and loved the fact it was a different island hurt her even more.   As she allowed herself to shed the last few tears she thought she had left which seemed to sting her face, as she rested her head on the table awaiting the doctors and soldiers to return.


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