The Tale of Templeton (Short Story 3)


As the sun set upon the land, Templeton walked through the hussell and bussell of the busy streets.  The drones are flying high in the sky, as the men and women go about their daily business. As the street children hiding in the sewer pipes and caves, as the wealthy elite living and getting richer by the minute. Not stopping to care or even give the children and homeless a second glance as Templeton walked through the tunnels and back streets. He is aware of the world he is in and the pain that his family had seen, but there was little he could do to stop it as he looked at his friends and then to his watch before he started to run through the streets. As he became aware that his curfew was at home by 6 pm, but he did not care. Eventually, the sun set and he walk alone his parents had sold him out to the authority for the theft of one of his dad’s work cars. As he walked with this firmly in his mind, he knew he was supposed to be home for six pm as his custodian and case worker was meant to meet him to discuss the last race. He had been involved with as he felt the cold chill in the air which seemed to strangely engulf his very being and wrap him in this strange cold embrace which chilled him through to the very core of his being.
“Your father has the cops looking and the hunters, they want you bad Templeton. why you nick the trucks?” a tall, dark haired man looked at the small child as he looked at his friend with a smile.
“I did not do anything, that’s it I will deal with him” he murmured to himself as heard the news and Started to run, and kept running for miles past the gardens of remembrance which was a large picturesque land with flowers and stones of those who had died in the battle. As he moved fast towards the house where his family live on the edge of town no matter how much he wanted to, he had to admit he could not run forever even in the city of Hellsgate. Which was a small backwater town, where hardly anything happened?  Apart from the local gangs and the races that were commonplace, the children appeared out of control with the primary activity for the young to be involved with was the gangs. The fight became one of freedom and land, no matter what happened the young boys and girls fought hard and took what they wanted. But Templeton’s older brother Matthew was a member of a street gang known as The Crimson Grave Diggers. They seemed to be known that due to the hang out being contained within the local graveyard; and a junior version of the Darklore Gang this was something that the family hated given the actions against the overlords and masters of the world the children got to know. Even as a child of the lower class stories would filter through of the young children being helped and assisted to better lives by a family of the richer world. He stopped for a brief moment as he thought of the stark realities between the law enforcers and the rich lived a life which far surpassed the lives of the slaves and lower classes. The order of Danae ruled with an iron fist over the slave classes and lower class of the people; this was something that Templeton did not seem to understand, in a way he knew why his brother was the leader but he did not want to take the path his brother had taken. The young teen ran for miles before finally coming to a stop as he thought of the fun he had with his friends and he was simply out after fun that night, as he felt the pressure from his brothers and their friends to follow Matthew and the others into the fight and gang life. A fact he had often fought with his own conscious and shook his head, aware he had never told anyone about that, his father always put the matches the kids would get into as sibling fights.  Little did his parents know that his brother was rough with him, and often made him do things he did not want to do.  Sometimes he would be threatened to carry things and others it was training him to take over for The boys when they were unable to lead the gangs.  The young boy changed direction as every inch of his being told him to run home, as he ran through the cold dark back alleys he looked to the men around him with a smile and settled back with a smirk on his face. As he noticed the men’s cars outside the family home, suddenly he stopped and saw the fight ahead of him and the people taking his brother into custody his heart sank at the sight of his mother in tears and his dad holding her tight as he tried to comfort her.



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