Rebels of Blood Moon Sample chapter

 The brave warriors stood gallant in their stance as they gazed into the enemies eyes, fire and corpses of the fallen warriors lay around as the warriors fought an honourable fight. They was all aware that the warriors path only led to the battles woes as it was a war no one truly wanted and the battle no one wanted to fight, so they sent children to do men’s work, after they made sure it was a battle that no one had a choice but to fight as the war raged on and the warrior’s path continued as they stood for their families and friends. They fought hard and valiantly as the darkness roamed the lands, the warriors stood to do the duty in honour and glory of their people. It was the war to end all wars of that some people say the conditioned warriors maintained their stance in the war of an unknown cause as the darkness swept through the lands consuming the beauty and innocence and the weak men, women and child suffered untold harm while the ones who dare to fight The good fight maintained the front of the battle. When the hell started it was the summer of twenty twelve was a time of turmoil, as the people of Galaric and Erten cast the votes upon the unified order of the brethren of Danae. A powerful dark force within the series of planets that the brethren controlled Erten demanded their freedom from the order and the Glarian’s wanted the Ertens to stay as part of the union. Many say they voted to leave as a protest while others voted to leave through seeing much land around devastated, and many other lands the order stood custodial of. They declared it was best for the union to stay along with the pacts with little thought of consideration. Some speak of the dark forces which guided their hands, the day they voted their minds somehow clouded by the decision they had to make. At this time it the order found out that a group of mercenaries would play a very important part within the new phase of the universal transference, But many declared the brethren a dark order and the decree was dark act causing too much suffering among the people. Acts that utilised torture for punishments the hunting squads, the dark overlords. As this occurred there was blood on the streets of Erten and Galaria as the people stood and watched the suffering the darkness seeped out of the wounds of society fragile existence. Many people protested and fought out against the darkness, acts passed in the chambers to do with the Erten’s. As the time passed the custodians held firm to the lands they owned, All the riots and protesters upon the streets did no good in fact this just made it worse Dallas was a young child his destiny firm in place as part of the Alpha Sigma militia. He had spent years watching the protests on the screens day and night, hearing the instructors telling them all how evil the protesters was as they wanted to destroy the peace the land had, the highly specialised work of the scientists who declared they had a way of solving everything. That had gone drastically wrong since the blast occurred when the star exploded. The order rapidly declined into insanity as the darkness unfolded in front of everyone. Dallas and his unit watched and trained every day having been offered as sacrifice to the order at the age of four, he became engulfed with the knowledge of the work that was doing, Often punishing the rebels and protesters, The boys cheered for the order in a bid to spur it on the executions was public during the time of the harvesting of souls when the royals ascension this happened once a year. It was Dallas’s sixteenth birthday July twenty-twenty when the dark overseers and watchers, many of the elder brethren all finalised the decision which put all the lands the brethren held custodial pacts of, into martial law and the officers walked through in their black riot gear they stood waiting for the order from the officers around them. Dallas can remember the sense of freedom they all felt the day the worlds collided on the voting day, everyone was talking about the best decision and how much this vote will help. Twenty twelve the alpha sigma unit became one of the toughest units within the forces, the first sent into any tough situation and nomadic unit. As two of the finest planets had fallen during the darkness, after the recapture of the planets the order set them up as prison planets. The militia took to the streets armed with their weapons dressed in the riot uniforms. During 2100 a dark force entered the consciousness of the Erten realms, which shook the very existence of those living on the planet, to the very core and unwittingly people voted in the dark skies that formed overhead. Military style cops formed unions around the universal alliance, as children and teenagers played happily in the streets unaware of the hell that was to break free. A group of mercenary soldiers who had broken free from the binds of their conditioning was aware and had launched a unified attack upon the lands around them Although the Erten and Galarics did not know when their actions at the vote had caused but throughout the years the ripple effect was in the process. A young soldier stands in the midst of battle as he realises his world is falling to the dark forces and the destruction that lay around. A young soldier stands in the midst of battle as he realises his world is falling to the dark forces and the destruction that lay around.
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All rights reserved.

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