Goodbye 2016 let the learning start in 2017

I am somewhat impressed with what I have achieved over the course of the past two years since this all started, and I will learn more as the journey called life continues.
December 2015 Three books of poetry during the darkest time I had in my life but managed to achieve something that has stayed with me since the moment I published the first book. December 2016 which led to a further three books. I found out about Grammarly which helps with the editing, Spiderwise which has also helped and many other sites such as WordPress, Blogger, made links with people I never thought I would and argued with people who I would never have met. Made friends and fallen out with so called friends. Witnessed the end of an era in film and television with the deaths of so many great stars, there must be most fabulous new years eve party in the afterlife. I managed to write and publish “Rebels of Blood Moon” a New Adult Science Fiction Dystopian novel. New year eve 2016 I am working through many personal issues, and I have learnt a lot throughout this year. But as all years go we learn continuously every day of our lives, and no I am writing “When Worlds Collide” which is a New Adult Science Fiction Romance I am aware that I will learn more throughout 2017.

I am hoping for sales and reviews in the new year, as well as hoping that everyone has a successful new year.


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