Cerebral Perceptions

The transference of the paths of light

throughout the darkness of the night
As the righteous sit upon with might on Orion belt
the peace of the lands within the emerald skies alight

As the warriors train to protect and serve the Elders with delight
as the people live to fight for the life
While the peace and tranquility roamed the lands
White buffalo roam where nature grows
through the summers light as renewal continues

And nourish the world obscured nature views
Happiness and stillness for those to view
Through golden streams of triumphal jollities
unique in their understandings and ideologies
Of the societies strange and unique personas

That each one of us presents before the mighty forces
we stand delighted with the views we share of the brighter future
For us all as we stand tall in potent knowledge that we do not need
to be the same but strangely unique and happy to be us

When the darkness falls never give up to the darkened paths
never succumb to the voices we hear that tell us we will fail
As we walk the deserted paths the empty path of depression
the warmth of the day shines brightly for all to see

The horrors of the time we pass the men shine the way home
through the dark and distant desolated road
which leads to the despair As far as the eye can see the road less traveled
remains distantly for everyone to see with the sphere of the mental view
we are good enough as we are individual in our way.

Copyright © 2016 by elhewitt


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