Rebels of Blood Moon (597 words Flash Fiction)

A group of children sat within the caves of the mount along with a range of grey caves on the east of the coast of lyonessa as the drones fly high in the sky the children looked at the giant silvery beasts in the heavens. Although they were scared, one boy stood forward with a smirk and a mischievous look in his eyes.
“Oh send out the Ravens the darkness as well, ” the little boy stood by as he watched the raven like silvery drones. The hums of the world around them he was scared but brave enough to face them off as he looked around with tears in his eyes. As he looked to the kindly soldier who only looked to the child a kind, gentle look in his eyes and a slight shake of his head.
“I would rather send out the dove symbol of peace and hope perhaps people will learn there is hope left in the darkness.” The hopeful kindly yet battle worn soldier looked to the young child who had only ever known the darkness and war as it engulfed the land. The battle-worn soldier looked to the young boy he could see the fear riding deep within the child’s essence as he offered a small soft smile to the youngster.
“Drones are everywhere back on my home planet; the darkness engulfed the land a long time go. The order of Danae did not see it coming or so they said, now like so many planets there is nothing left.” The tall, rugged looking soldier stood firm in the black uniform of his unit, as he looked to the child. Dallas had started the journey to freedom along with many of his comrades, and could now see the lighter shades of grey through the darkness. The rainbow of colours which had for so long forbidden to them all, and it was enchanting to the soldier the more he saw, the more he fought to see more. But this was deadly to him and all he knew. As the days passed he focussed on the work he had at hand and trained the child who people said was to lead them to better days. More vibrant and energetic ways are the world people wanted times of the old stories, across the cosmic giant the deep dark chasms of space and time was something that all to often allowed mysterious beasts and watchers through to the small planet of Erten. The simple act of the soldier’s hand placed firmly on the young teen’s shoulder seemed to be an act that calmed the beast in the child as the young warrior nodded and moved out with his friend.
“Will we ever now peace? Will we know freedom? What does freedom feel like? ” the teen warrior asked as he looked to the old soldier who found himself stumped, as the sudden realisation hit him that even he had never known freedom from the dark overlords always following their orders since he could remember with a sigh he looked to the child.
“Come we need to train, and get these kids to the safety of the base before night sets in and the reapers come.” With this, the teen nodded and walked back into the heart of the dark caves towards the light of the unit in the distance and proceeded to gather their supplies. No one seemed to utter another word not even a mouse could be able to be heard as the caves gave some cover from mechanical beast and genetic beast alike.

Copyright © 2016elhewitt


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