REBELS OF BLOOD MOON OFFER (includes a review)

REBELS OF BLOOD – THE ERTEN TALES is a science fiction novel which is available in paperback and kindle worldwide.

 If you have never known any other way, you won’t expect anything different and will never rise above your station in life…
Dallas had lived a million lives and fought in many battles that had raged across the universe, since the cataclysmic events that had brought the war to his people.
Raised in a draconian society, all he had ever known was a dark way of life that you didn’t argue with and never criticised, a cold and unforgiving world with only his comrades in arms as the men he had grown to love, blind to the light that the universe could offer.
That was, until the fateful day his new orders came through, and his life changed forever. But this mission was different. It was an undertaking to save an entire planet from annihilation and it seemed like a hopeless task.
And yet, there was one planet amongst all the stars, which he knew could provide the last line of defence for it. The question was, could he get to it in time and save the Earth from destruction?
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Fantastic book the character really shines out of the story and its one where you cant put it down when you start it. very recommended

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