Country Music – Codie Prevost

In all honesty, this is usually something I have not done for a long time, and I hope I do this singer justice. As I am a relatively new writer on the internet and was spending time trying to raise awareness of my own work. I was networking upon twitter and came across Codie Prevost sitting here typing this I have his music playing in the background on youtube, there is something appealing to me about his music. In some ways he reminds me of some of the older classic country singers, I won’t sit here and say he reminds me off certain singers in all honesty that can do more harm than good for an artist would prefer to pave his own way in the world they enter. Taking those steps into uncharted territory which is how it all seems when taking your first steps out into the limelight. But this singer infuses his music with the warmth and emotional vigor you would expect, you can tell he enjoys not only singing but also writing the songs that reach the heart. The I think one of my favorite tracks I find on youtube is the song “ I’m Okay” mainly because not only can you feel the raw emotions within the song but also the simple fact it is what you need to hear. Although it is a dedicated song to the Newton Massacre, it stuck a chord with me as I lost My father when I was three years old and this was a time my life stopped. Codie puts to music something that touches my heart something perhaps my father would want to say now. The vast majority of his music has a good beat to it, another one of my favorites is Honky Tonk Groupie it is an old-style honky tonk song with upbeat which has the effect of uplifting the listener. I played it to my daughter and she as well as myself could not help but to dance around the front room the only other country singer she likes is Brantley Gilbert. Being a young English country fan it is often hard to find good country acts let alone those I truly enjoy, Codie is one I would be happy to see live in concert to experience the full effects of his voice and style. He is individual style and a talent that matches that is something rare now since it appears in so many different walks of life and art as well individuality is often confused and misinterpretation as something bad. The individual flare this singer has for his trade is possibly one of the most appealing attracting things any singer could have. I often find myself going through youtube and listening to the music I find, a friend of mine in America had never heard of him until I shared a youtube video with them and all of them agree he is awesome and the individuality aspect is one of the good things about him. Country music was designed to do tell a story just as the folk music, and in my eyes, Codie does exactly that tells the story and sells it well.You can find the tracks I mentioned on the links below I’m Okay “ Honkey Tonk Groupie –



  1. I am a huge fan /friend of Codie Prevost. You capture Codie extremely well. His music has an extraordinary impact on so many people lives that it touches. His songs bring you comfort when you need it most. He can make you laugh, cry and smile at any given. Codie is an extremely talented artist that leaves an impression wherever he goes. I, myself have never met an artist that touches my heart and soul the way he does, through his music and the love of his fans. There are no strangers in this man life, just friends he has not met yet. I look forward to the day when I get the pleasure to experience his energy and love for music myself.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words here, I have had the chance to talk a little with him in the past and he came across a nice pleasant young man. I know many people from my friend network who he has successfully put a smile on the face of in dark times. Believe me, this is something that can be a challenge for many,, I am just happy to know that I can in some way help increase the awareness of his music.


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