A plea to a friend

I am hearing little birdies in the sky telling all is not well
with a little star I know the sky does not lie and I am worried
about this person A friend I miss far too much
A little birdie in the sky tells me all is not
he looks to the friend and chirps the name

Sweetly chirps the name in my ear
I smile a little faintly through worry of my friend
wishing he would talk and say hi
Nothing should make you hide not even the pain inside
nothing in heaven and earth should hurt you this much
come say hi and have a hug let’s talk and laugh possibly cry

But come say hi and deal with this as birdie chirps in my ear
the friends who are hurting inside my love to you my charming friends
especially to one who is hurting inside as I to ache to see him smiling again
As the birdie chirps this special name
The birdie chirps the name of a dear friend of mine
who I wish would come and say HI as I long to see him smile one more time
No how dark it is there is light in the tunnel remember you are never alone
in your time of need



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