Elsies Tale

As the sun rises in the sky the young petite small frail girl whose long flowing black hair touched the floor can’t help but look at the young boy with fair hair and glasses as he sat away from everyone. There was something odd about him something many could not see, but this did not matter to her. Elsie was a strange girl locked in her own world, again many could not see her problems and often gave her trouble for her being odd and strange. As the other children sat around with a smile and looked to the girl. “Oi freak…yeah you nutter sat there alone.” one child would scream and shout at her but she did not want to show that words hurt. As the young boy looked over to her with a rare smile on his face, he got to his feet and smiled. “I’m Tom I’m odd just like you….come away from the nasty boys.” his smile was warm and tender as he looked to her his friendly warm expression in his eyes. Something this strange waif of a child made her stand up as she took his hand. “you’re odd too?“she asked calmly hiding the fear but finding solace in the boy’s eyes she did not see pain or fear she saw someone who was not scared of her uniqueness. She studied the child’s behavior as if she was watching for a threat but she didn’t see any of the usual traits. This was the start of something wonderful a journey that many would not understand a friendship that would last a lifetime they both hoped. As they sat by the free-flowing rivers of their hometown of wych the little boy looked at the girl with a smile on his face as they did their work both found the river calming and soothing to listen to. “I am odd “ he smiled as he looked to his friend a slight smirk on his face “I have autism,” he said he was scared to tell her but noticed the sweet charming smile on his friend’s face. “I am odd too, “ she replied with a smile extending her hand to her new friend, aware now she had someone she could share her innermost fears and they made a pact then to be there and help each other. “I hear voices traveling in the air, I see things that are not there. I fear the waves that travel in the air I am odd too, “she said with a new sense of confidence as she looked to her odd friend no longer scared as he gave her courage. “We are odd. We are strange but we are individual and unique.” the little boy said as he lifted his friend in the air with a smile. (c)2016elhewitt


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