(Flash Fiction ) A dark future


The sun is shining in a small town called Wych a very mysterious town in the sphere circle. Where many young children are superior in many ways to the adults around them.
“computers technology are the end of our times, the use of our land is more important. ” Carla a blond haired blue eyed five years old replied.
“your right, our parents lost their way now look at them tools for societies games.” Zechariah replied he is a small child with short brown hair “my nan and gramp’s were right technology turned the world bad.”
A group of children sat around the camp fire for some reason these children had been untouched by the technical aspects of the world. The oldest a teen who was known as Blaze. He was raised by the network an organization no one knew of. Just the rumours of the world around them. These children had been demonized and hunted by the professor’s men adults and child units hunting any who has not succumb to they new way. (c)2016elhewitt

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