The Secret War


Hello there or should that be goodbye
My name is nameless me
I heard you call the girl over there
A freak how dare you How dare you call her that
She is a precious gem in nature’s eye
A wonder to you and me
She stands tall through out it all
No matter how life can be
You did not stop to think
How much your words cause damage
Nor did you care As you insulted her
Yet she stands for all to see
In her there’s a war being fought
A silent deadly war

Obscured from view of you and me
Something we wish not to see
As life is easier that way turning a blind eye
You called her a whore Little do you know she’s scared
To scared to let anyone in
You say she’s weak but little do you know
The strength and courage she has in her little toe
More than you hold in your mind
For her fight never stops always on the go
You called her a freak

Did you not stop to think

The damage you did
Or was it a laugh to you all
Singing Adams family as she goes to school
Calling her names and threatening like pack animals you are
Did you not think pain and the damage
You do to that young girl prepared for her a life of pain
Inner turmoil and solitude galore
But a fighter she is and always will be
You call her a freak You say she is weak
Little do you know
The girl who is on the fringe
You have a hand in creating
The girl on the fringe has helped so many
The girl in the fringe cares to much
About a society which has forsaken
Forsaken and destroyed her inside
But a fighter she is and always will be (c) Elmackay2016

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