There is no darkness without light

There is no darkness without light
that the blackout brings
the dimming of the nature of the human soul
as the ultimate controls seek to destroy and crush it
under the foot

The world we see in the darkened paths
which surround us as we walk the paths of life
you see there is no light without the darkness
and no darkness without the light

Like the twins in Gemini or the gods and goddess’s on high
one born of light and the other, the Cimmerian shade
joined in a mysterious charm yet tranquil unions
conjoined through their movements and works we see
People say God moves in mysterious ways while others decree
There is no darkness without light and no light without darkness
twins at war forever more in many legendary tales

Light and darkness battle for supremacy over the world
we behold in our daily lives for we often neglect to see
the unspoken union between darkness and light
we are all the beasts of darkness and light
The good turning to horror that we see in the world
the darkened paths trod by our ancestors paving ways
Making waves to the enlightened light
that they hoped would defeat the unseen war
between darkness and light in an attempt to make
a better life the darkness and light work in union
often causing great concern for all to see


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