Upon a Personal Note #2

As those who know me are all too aware while I am chasing the dragon as I call it another word chasing the dream of the writer’s path I will be challenging myself to challenge my mental illness and chase the fears away if I can.    I meditate every day, and this is something I need to do not just for personal benefit for mind body and soul, but perhaps I can inspire someone else to follow suit.  I have always battled eating issues from hallucinations which make food. i.e., rice look and taste like maggots, so I avoid it.  I can tolerate pasta and takeaways, but just about nowadays I tend to grin and bare it I have to eat even if it a little sometimes I go without for days, and my flatmate is driven crazy because I can’t, or don’t want to eat.   So, therefore, I figure that the first demons for me to take is eating and the way the Archons expect me to view it all.   So here it goes with challenging the fears and altered perceptions yesterday was a good day for me, I was working on a high of sorts I managed to wash the kitchen door down and sit although I am currently fighting off a case of food poisoning that I got from a local take out.  I am slowly recovering from the upset stomach and finding that I am drifting in and out of sleep. I researched the company and read the thousand of reviews and talked to a friend, who had tried their pasties while down in Cornwall.  Before I decided to go with this firm I also spoke to them in regards to the order.   Customer service for this company I must admit is first class.   But yesterday I received the hamper, I had ordered less than twenty-four hours beforehand.  which contained four large pasties it seemed to take up half the plate this is a good thing as far as I am concerned and to top it all off it was full of steak and vegetables.  I do not mean thin small chunks of what is supposed to be meat that you get in Ginsters but large chunks  I was surprised just how big the steak pieces was.   I must admit I may live in England but I have never been to the home of the Cornish pasty so to try something new was a challenge, in fact, I have always wanted to try a proper Cornish Pasty.   Trying new foods or drinks just like going to new places is one of the most nerve wrecking things I could do but we have to face our fears this is something I have decided to challenge my mental health in every way I can think of.  I ordered a four hamper pack of Cornish pasties, this included four regular pasties, Which are bigger than the famous Ginsters and is the picture on this blog.  As well as this the hamper included four large Rock cakes, Four large scones and a small tub of Cornish Clotted Cream and a jar of homemade organic strawberry jam a Cornish pasty cushion, a Cornish pasty keyring and a tea towel as well as a saffron loaf.  Again I have never had a saffron loaf, but this is something that I will be trying.  Now as a child my nan used to say if you have an upset stomach reach for a rock cake or scone.  This was due to the fact that those are very simple recipes and not too heavy on the stomach so within half am an hour of having the parcel I was dipping in for the first large rock cake.  I thought it was a little dry but other than that it was good now for those who do not know what rock cake is it is also called a rock bun, is a small fruit cake with a rough surface resembling a rock. Rock cakes originated in Great Britain, where they are a traditional teatime treat but are now popular in many parts of the world.   I used to make my own as a child with my mother who thought she needed to teach me how to cook for when I was on my own and my grandmothers, but was told and yes I admit it might have been a little old wives tale but it holds truth.    Once I had eaten a rock cake, my stomach seemed to stop doing summersaults, and I was left with just feeling exhausted and throughout the day and falling asleep on and off.     But that is not the point to this blog the rock cake was slightly dry, but this was something neither of us seemed to mind.  As it was truly scrumptious, you could taste the actual ingredients, and not the taste that looks so attractive in the cooking nowadays with larger corporations which are the added chemicals and overuse of spices to try and mask the taste. I was nice to try something that felt and tasted so fresh and untainted.   On other matters we received a microwave and chest freezer today and we are expecting our deliveries of meat and veg as well as fish tomorrow.


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