In Darkest Times


I look at the world through rose-tinted glasses
seeing what they want me to see
the nightmares and horrors unfolding through time
with the passing of the shining moon’s phases
casting the silhouette over the land
through to the dawning of the sunnier skies
I look through at the world through rose tinted glasses
as I bear witness to destruction that man kinds cause
the fractures in the earthen spheres made in darkness
the pains the leaders want us to see and the plans they conceal
I look through at the world with rose-tinted glasses
in a dreamless trance as the leaders bark the propagandas orders
When I wake up to the vastness of control around us
the rose tinted glasses come off we bear witness
to the horrors with fresh eyes in the knowledge of the mass destructions the pains and suffering caused by humanity
Stand tall in unity against the madness the rulers bring
Stand and be counted for humanity’s future calls
Copyright © 2017elhewitt
All rights reserved.

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