The Aftermath

As the teenager, Lay trapped his hands firmly fixed to the steering wheel and his legs stuck under the dashboard of the Impala. He sat almost transfixed to a single solitary spot in the front of him; it was black and static it did not seem to move but was in his peripheral vision as the solid warm substance.
“Oh god no please Arabas, do not let it be my blood,” he whispered almost as if he dared, not say it any loud for fear of attracting unwanted attention. As the blood trickled down his head as it reached the lips, he could taste the iron it was driving him mad, but his vision had become blurred into one. As the memories drifted back to the rebels of blood moon a unit of elite soldiers he had grown up under while training, he was trying to remember everything they had taught him, and the murders as his life seemed to merge into one thing it became hard to tell what was real and what was not. As the young man stirred from the dreamless state, he felt woozy was an understatement it was a sickening feeling as he felt the sharp pains in his legs and chest.
“come on Blaze don’t you dare give in now, don’t let the old buzzard win”. The youngster seemed to mutter under his deep baited breath, as he looked to his right briefly the smell of petrol started to fill the air soon this mixed with the iron in the blood. Even though he was extremely groggy, to the point, he could not make sense of anything around him as the feeling of dizziness and a profound sense of sickness crept on him, due to the mix of the injuries and the petrol. He was awake enough to know that he had a matter of time before the car would blow into a big ball of fire, and Blaze knew one thing, and that was he had to get out of the car. No matter what happened, he needed to get out, taking a deep breath and remaining cool as he had been trained to do in times of great stress and threat. But he could not help or at least trying to stay as cool-headed as he could in this state even though every inch of him screamed in pain and his mind was panic but noticed the calming sensation, which had washed over him from the crown chakra through to the tips of his toes as the dark shadow sat in the seat. As if something was waiting to come through to take him over to the other side in this period of weakness he had no other choice but to settle and relax as the training came into operation. Blaze knew he was no ordinary teenager and had abilities he could never use in public, but this time he used the special abilities to manipulate the metal of the steering shafts and the front of the car to bring his legs free. As he was doing this, he noticed the ammanicus gather around the car and started to pull the shell of the machine apart. The beasts was certainly a sight for sore eyes, as everything had begun to hurt him immensely. As he looked to the ammanicus who was beast wolves genetic experiments many said had gone wrong, but no that is too simplistic for what they are; they are demons one was easily ten foot tall in full wolfen shape with tough black fur. As Blaze tried to get out, the wolfen creed pulled and manipulated his body out of the car.  Within minutes they had him out he could not tell through his cloudy vision who was around. As many others pulled the car apart, managed the shell of the car bonnet to give him room to get out there was no time for screaming or shouting he knew in an instant that he was lucky the beasts had found him. Where does the line between monsters and angels lie? Who gets to dictate these things? As far as he could see both joined in unity and was working to save him from a crushed Impala. One of the wolfen creeds, as they were known for they looked like werewolves but genetically enhanced through the use of various technological advances this planet had not even thought could exist. As they dragged his cold, limp body which was excruciatingly painful from the car and over the cold, damp field just far enough away to witness the explosion when he notices the coloration of the black and grey fur which had a streak of white running down the pack leaders back
“Dad? Bryce?” he seemed to stammer his words as he tried to catch his breath, he knew to change to beastly form it hurt the wolfen a lot and noticed the older one nod.
“It’s me, son, just relax Dean and the family know you’re here.” Bryce could not talk but telepathed Blaze with a smile, as two humans had run to the wreck and were tending to the teen. With a simple wave of Bryce’s hands, the others dispersed into the shadows of the world, they all lived almost as if they was guardians of the child as one collective union. Within minutes Blaze had drifted back into his unconscious state as the medics arrived and started to stabilise him along with Dallas his trainer and Calvin, the unit’s psychiatrist but even he realised while the teen was in such a state there was nothing he could do but oversee the medics. Calvin was a tall, dark haired muscular looking man; many say he bore a resemblance to a famous actor, but no one was ever sure. As the car blew up, Dean turned up ad watched his baby blow.
“Damn you, Blaze, that my baby you will pay for this kid.” Dean growled as he looked at the unconscious teen and Sam looked at the boy with a smirk “Deano just calm down, it is a car that’s all that kid can afford to buy you more.” Samael smirked as he looked to his brother as he noticed his brother just stare at him coldly for a moment before he shrugged.
“Let’s get our nephew sorted out; then he can make it up to me huh,” Dean replied as he looked to his brother, it had cost him a fortune to get the custom made impala. To see it blow up was something he did not like or ever entertain the ideas of, but with the angels and demons as well as the alien presence for blaze he could not be too angry he knew what it was like to have a destiny he could not alter.
“We have stemmed the bleeding from his head, he will be okay but no doubt the doctors back at the hospital will run tests and check him over.” A tall, slim built medic who had black hair and deep set baby blue eyes the man spoke in a brisk yet crisp new York accent as he looked over to the officers.
“Alright, we shall be coming,” Dallas sternly replied as he caught a look from Bryce who gave a friendly smile as he ran off towards the hospital which held in a self-contained facility. Dallas and one of the soldiers jumped in the hospital craft and headed back to the base aware Bryce would catch up and so would Samael and Dean once everyone was the hospital then they would know for certain the extent of the young warrior’s injuries. All the way to the base the medics kept working on Blaze and Dallas looked to them with a wry smile on his face as he thought it all through.
“Don’t do anything he will be fine, it’s painful, but he will heal himself he has that ability you know. ” Dallas looked to the men with a smile as he tried his hardest to get them to back down.
“Are you friggin crazy soldier, he has a bad head injury if not treated right he will die.” The tall, dark haired medic snapped as he looked to the soldiers and then to Dallas.
“Trust me doc do what I tell you to sit back and wait, he will be fine I guarantee that, and he will be.” he was pleading with the doctor to take the order and back down.”Trust me his healing factor will kick in if it doesn’t then..then you can report me.” The soldier looked over and hoped he was right as he looked to the doc and noticed a nod then to Blaze “Come on kid, please don’t let me down now soldier.” he pleaded with the child as the all wanted to see what would happen with the boy.


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