The start of my personal hell. (Blaze part one)

I fell asleep as normal on 30th May 2035 which was the night that my visions started again, I had hoped that I had outgrown them, but the link with the professor was as strong as ever. I woke from a deep sleep with a vivid vision of a young girl aged around fifth-teen years old blond haired blue eyed girl. She was a stunner to look at by anyone standards, tall and thin all I could see the girl as she was being strangled I could not scream out either did I want to. Everything was vividly clear, to me that I recognised the back road as leading to Highway 66. I could not see who the perpetrator was, but I felt the emotions and all the sensations of the murder, I was seeing and smelt the perfume the victim was wearing and the red mini skirt she was wearing with the small cut flowered top. As the vision stopped, I felt the pain of the vision the agonising pain of the headaches I had was left feeling. I knew it was a vision and I staggered to my feet and through the hall to the kitchen where I grabbed a drink of water, after the water I went out for a run unknown to me the vision I had seen was real as I drove through the quiet streets of my neighbourhood. I was still running when I heard the sirens and knew the men on duty, that night as it was routine for me always to make a habit of knowing my people. I returned home and tried to sleep but it was hard for me to drift back and it took a while for me to sleep. I must have been asleep for what seemed like a half hour before I was woken up by my phone ringing, and I threw it across the room. Not long after that I heard a banging at the front door and got up to answer it when I found it was my partner from work to inform me of the case. I was then in a tricky situation I had seen the murder how could I tell them that I had seen the violation in progress, all I could do was stand there as he said of the body and the state it was in. I knew I had to wait to find out the time of death but I was already dreading what they would tell me, I ran to my room and got changed ready for duty. As we walked out, i had the image playing on my mind the picture of the girls screaming i arrived with Lee at the crime scene and saw the woman I was almost sick at the site which is unusual for me. I tried to mask any feeling I had at the crime scene as she was how I saw her, eventually the time of death was confirmed as 11.15pm which is the time of the vision. I tried to keep going at work tried to focus and hoped no one got talking about any strange behaviour. The day ran smoothly for me but again the following night another vision came but this the girl was slightly older aged around sixteen years old, she was a petite girl with mousy brown hair and freckles. She had met up with a man who I do not know again, I could not see the face of the man, as they sat there and started smoking cannabis. When he began to come on to her making an inappropriate move on the girl which she tried to fight off again, her pitiful screams I hear as clear as anything. The location was a park in the local vicinity; I watched her being raped he stripped her of everything bound and gagged her and stabbed her in the chest. He wrapped her in some rough cloth and dragged her to the car where he dumped the body half covered in dirt. My headaches were growing worse as I came out of the trance like state of the vision it took me long to get to my feet as I struggled to force it back again I was called into duty that morning the captain was not listening to me when I said I was ill. He needed everyone in he had started to think it was a serial killer; the day was fine other than having the image in my head of the dead girls. I wanted to work out the connection between the murder victims and me, but the visions died down for a few days that was until I lent my uncle’s car there was nothing I could do I was enjoying the drive, I had one up on Sam that was a bonus.
I was listening to Dean’s music at full blast as I went around the first bend I was able to force the image of the naked body of the third victim a young girl, the same age of the last two and again beautiful in every sense of the word. Again I felt the thrill the murder was getting from killing the girl smelt everything they could smell but I was driving the Impala, I could not allow the image to win with fighting the image that flooded my mind, I felt the agony of the pain ripping through my mind. As I continued to fight it, the pain got worse, and even though I have training in blocking the visions, it didn’t work I saw the girl in the middle of the road. I was driving on but not as a solid image more of a crisis apparition then anything else. Or was it part of the vision I do not know, I struggled against the pictures when I tried to take a hairpin bend at the top speed of the Impala I lost control of the car flipping it and crashing it into the middle of the road. Every night I have had the same image and to say I am scared is an understatement, but I need to find out who it is doing the crimes. I know it I, not me who is killing these people but I need to know just hope my girl is safe if I am proved wrong in my search. I have so many questions and hold parts of the riddle to the crime I need it to be dealt with correctly, and I know I am by myself in this. I have never had anyone else to help me and do not know if I can burden my family and friends with it. With Mythras a tall, broad mysterious man who was the head of one of the local gangs a man that knew every inch of the mortal and demon realm and that of the emerald belt otherwise know as the Erten Curtain locked up for being framed in my mind of the murders. We had the young girl Catherine locked into the tomb, or so it was called with this on my mind and the car spinning ever so fast out of my control. It seemed to be no matter which direction I turned the wheel it had locked but was skidding and spinning in circles moments before I blacked out, just as I heard a distant bang as I collided with the wall as the world blinked out.


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