Upon a Personal Note #3

Hey, this is one of those rare insights I give into the writer or Blogger of this page. I started a challenge not too long ago and seemed to be going head on with it; the Cornish pasties now feature every month in my diet this time it is a different bakery. The pasties from Philps is far the best I have had they are bigger than the current ones but far more expensive, so those are special occasions. Chough Bakery is the best for value shopping you can buy twelve medium (but I would say that the Cornish Pasties are still bigger than Ginsters) full of fresh meat and veg, which in lamb and mint includes a chunk of fresh mint. I also order the meat from The Meat Man; I am a person with a limited income trying to make ends meat in this day and age which is often hard to do.

So what am I doing now, as well as writing what you see on here the various poems whether rhyme or non-rhyme poems and stories I have been focusing on writing The Erten Tales – Rebels of Blood Moon Book 2 as well as book and WordPress promotion. I have entered competitions for poetry and looking forward to recommencing entering story competitions in various sites. You can find me on All.poetry.com as well as twitter and facebook, where I have a varied selection of my poems and stories. In the past week, we have had an attack in London, but it was good to see that we were united as a country like we always have been in times of upheaval the good old fashioned British upper lip came out for the world to see. My regards and condolences go out to the families of the dearly departed, it is a shame this has to happen in this day and age we have indeed entered a dark period.

I must admit that today is a historic day for this great country of mine, Article 50 is activated, but then again it is not from what I understand. It is just our prime minister who is writing to the President of the European Council  Mr Donald Tusk about the wish to leave, and he accepts it, but then he has to present it to the other countries. Who are within the European Union and it is up to the rest of Europe to agree or not agree so Great Britain is not out of the woods yet just another hurdle for us to overcome and hope that Europe will allow the passing.

Just like this brand new start for my country Rebels of Blood Moon, begins with a vote and races splitting from the union which had cast over the years. The events in the book lead to darkness lets hope that this manoeuvre whether the decision taken may have been through honourable intentions such as many “I have heard my grandfather fought in a war to keep us free and was blinded to the referendum back in the seventies. Therefore, I am going to be as well.” Or the more hardline approach “. We need to leave to protect our services or to stop immigration”. or the misguided one because to my recollection unless, I have been under a rock Boris Johnson, and the others did not say that the money would put into the NHS. I must admit I fell for some of the ideologies of leaving and staying I was in the torn group.

But the bottom line is we all had our reasons for voting, whichever way we voted whether it was a protest or for another reason. Although that excuse falls flat if you want to complain only DO NOT VOTE the voting system is corrupt just like the rest of politics, and now we are leaving all we can do is hope it is for the best. But we could have stopped eurogen from coming this is a more militarised police force than any country needs. We should be able to reclaim our military and possibly our identity as a country. I researched the ins and outs of the Brexit vote and made it based on my interpretation of what the Brexit decision would mean. Although I am not saying how I voted, I am glad that industry can now return and that the fishing waters back. It is a shame that we lie under a time of jihad but how long is it going to be before we are all questioning our neighbours again? Idle talk costs lives but this time it is more extreme we are certainly on the way to a dark future.

I do not wish to offend anyone, so I will only say “Blessed be to you all and may you all have a Blessed week.”

Take Care and have a good week.


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