Guest Blog (Written by Nightwolverine on Tumblr)

Today I offered to post one of my friend’s writings on this blog, I am happy to put friends stories and poems as well as feature other writers work on the blog.  Although that being said this is the first time I have put something up of someone else’s.  It is something that has been an ongoing project for both of us for a while now, and it’s just the start one of her stories lets consider it a taster.  Nightwolverine    deals with flash fiction told through a series of Journal entries.




File One.

Date: 12-22-2011

Time: 8:02 Pm

Location: White Feather Clinic

District: Cinnan Row

Today was a day a young boy was brought in kicking and screaming at his mother and an unknown male. Observing his behaviour and knowing his mother for quite a few years now. It has been decided that he is an unstable child and dangerous. I’m writing all that heard and seen by myself and my staff on a daily basis. The belief that he needs to be here for a few days to see if he can calm down his actions either with medications or on his own. Written below is being recorded by actions and/or vocabulary of the child. “No, no, no…..Let me go!!!!! said the young boy named Seth who was totally flipping out and uncontrollable. “I warned you if things didn’t change and you didn’t listen this is where you would be,” said his mother Aimee in an unapproved tone.

“No, your lying, it’s you that needs to be here, I didn’t do anything. You always hit me, call me names!” he had shouted back. “Oh, stop boy, you’re upsetting your mother with your accusations and untruthful stories.” The that came in with them had said. Keeping a tight firm grip on the boy. “Alright, as we can see here…he is not himself, and there is no way he will calm down at this point and time. He will be found, now you two will have to go, and we will call you if anything is needed.” The short chubby man with glasses ordered. That was part of our first meeting with the boy on that day. The meeting will be held on what should be done with the child and if anything further is needed.


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