When two lovers meet Part One.

The sun was shining brightly that day as the boys and men stood out to train, they were blissfully unaware that the young Zennusith was stood not too far away as he watched the young soldiers training in a different field just north of his location.  As he tried to focus his mind on his training that he himself had to face, his time of glory was to come soon as he watched his toddler son working through the base with the other school children. Bryce looked to the men as his attention was drawn to the to the tall, muscular man who was stood and shouting his orders at the young warriors.

Bryce had grown up with the fact he was different a fact he could tolerate, it was something he had known since he the day his brothers and him was rescued from the institute’s labs as a child. Bryce could not help but look at his trainer with a sense of pride as he tried to focus on his training. aware he had let it slip beyond all control as he thought of his friends and family back home. Each staggering blow from the soldiers seemed to anger the beast deep within the teen’s soul, as he was fighting and managed to bring him back into line. He looked to the soldiers, the deep growl seemed to resonate from deep within the beast.

Who had started to change the creature coming out of his shell more and more with each passing second, as the monster appeared the knights stood around in the large stone auditorium, deep within the grounds of the planet and watched as the creature transformed the crunching of the man’s bones was all they could hear moments before the sickening screams of the teenager. Seemed to radiate around the large training ground and suddenly the beast was set upon a soldier as he bit into a guard what seemed like seconds before he managed to escape the confines of the secured auditorium.

A large fighting ground with seats all around, it was a place where the royals gathered to watch the beasts fight, the creature ran wild through the back woods of the mansion that he had known as home. The large wolfen type creature with large fangs and talons, ran for miles as he noticed no one was around. The beast smiled as he looked to the woods and realized it was a safe place to execute the monster who by this time had engulfed the teenager, and was running free as the man trapped deep within himself fought to come out of the shell of the animal.

The heart of the beast beat faster than the teens normally did as the youngster struggled to regain control but the creature he had now become too strong the sense of hunger and pain ran coursed through his very essence of his being. As he realized that the monster was stronger than even he thought was possible, as the creature ran wild through the woods.

The all too familiar growl resonated from the animal when he thought he had seen someone, the growl warned everyone to stay clear. As he ran through the woods the sun beating down on him, casting a strange aura around him which seemed to shield him from the heat of the day.

The creature ran at full pelt the beast tearing down the trees with his brute strength and immense anger and hatred for what he had become, as a noise distracted the animal to the right side of the woods deeper in than he had reached as he en-tuned rapidly to the land around him, he could hear the squirrels running up the trees the sound of the gentle breeze running through the trees.

“This is Hunter one calling Hunter Bravo two, Come in bravo two.” a young female voice almost in a whisper as if she was trying to keep herself from being heard as she radioed through a small handheld communication device she held in her right hand. As the beast ran through towards the caves which had become a sanctuary for him over the years, a place the monster would often retreat to on the northern plateau.

”Hunter Bravo two here do you read us Hunter one?” a young male voice could be heard in response to this young girl it sounded hopefully yet also low in the hope that the beast had been found.

“I read you loud and clear poppa bear, it is good to hear your voice John I have my sights on this beast. Five miles northwest deep in the woods he’s headed to the skull caves old man. I am heading into the caves send the unit over and I will meet him, the beast is complete and he’s out of control Sir.” she remained firm in her tone as she worked through the motions to find and take down the beast, “ She replied as she kept her voice down and smiled in the hope the beast did not hear her aware numerous soldiers had spread out and started to look for him.  She awaited further instructions aware that the beast was free as far as everyone was concerned this was not a good sign.
“Alright be careful out there I will send the team out in that direction,” John looked to his friends moments later and looked around his attention stopped on Dallas and Slade with a smirk as he nodded and watched the boys kit up. As Bryce ran through the woods and headed into the caves of skulls, a treacherous plot of land that many of the youth would spend time not just hanging around but fighting and racing within it was a large series of caves cast into the side of the mountains of blood cut into by various miners and those looking for oil or minerals that the order had wanted.

Everyone knew in this day and age that the orders was something that they all dealt with on a daily basis and the beast had been deemed a threat towards as the young lady dressed in her combats walked to the caves as she felt the sun streaming through the trees and hitting her on her back as the warmth moved from the neck to the side of her face as she ran through the trees and out to the main caves. As she slowed her pace and looked around briefly she found that the boys had beaten her to the foothills of the large gray rock cave which the sun shone as it hit the trickling water on the rocks.

“Oi Chelle, you safe over there?” a tall well-built man looked over to his friends with a smile as they thought of the events of the night around them, in the heat of the dual sun the huntress unit looked to each other with a smile. As they readied the weapons for use in the forthcoming take down of the beast, as they noticed the hunter look over with a smile as she approached her long wavy hair seemed to gently move in the breeze.

”Hey soldier boy, I’m fine he did not see me that’s even if he noticed me.” Chelle looked to the men around him she might have been the only female in the unit but that did not stop her as she approached the caves and walked into the dark cave as she looked for the beast.  She could not help but something had turned her head as she felt happier than she had been in a long time.



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