Upon a Personal Note #4

I recently got asked what my first book that I remember reading and can say it was a Poetry was the first book and I still have the book I was handed.  A book I was handed as a child by my mother in the better days.  A time when I was less tired and drained but full of life and planning a whole world of adventures. Playing in woods and coal mines as well as not paying attention to technology. But now with one problem being the health situation, things are done much slower and I am planning on traveling away next year.  This would be an achievement for me being able to show people that although I have a mental illness and the possibility of COPD that life is far from over.

Many people with mental illness have the dark and dismal belief that life is over but that is far cry from being the truth.  Life is not over sure it may be more difficult because of the pain created by small minds sure it might be something that is a hurdle in life but it is a hurdle that can be overcome and you can learn to live with it or at least manage the lifestyle which comes with it and no it is not easy.

Life for me since the diagnosis is not easy by a far cry, it is anything but at least knowing what is wrong even if it is a string label to me and names rather than this and that proper diagnosis and treatments it is something I can work around. When I went to get a quote for medical insurance so I can plan the travel to America, realisedI started to look for places that would deal with people with the health issue and realized and I how hard it was to find these insurers.  But when I turned to the Mind organisation website I learnt about these insurers and have gained a few quotes but to tell you the truth having an organisation that outlined this helped and made it easy I can now say I have depression, anxiety, and asthma, xanthoma, these issues alone the insurance was £59.00 for the dates I needed so I decided to look into it on a deeper level to add a psychosis with many firms would bump the price of insurance up to over £300.00.

Why do I talk about hurdles is easy I have had so many in my life and so many down in the gutter times.  But one of the highlights I can say that I walked up Glastonbury Tor, the hard way now this is basically an old dirt path up the side of a very steep hill.  When I started there was no wind but by half way, there was a strong gust of the wind, which could have easily knocked me off my feet and that wind stayed with me all the way up.  While I was walking up the hill on my hands and knees my best friend was stood tall on his crutches and walked up. It was once I made it to the top of the hill that I realized the wind had stopped and if my friend could climb the hill on crutches through sheer determination then we could do anything we set our minds to.

I am sorry for publishing the book before it was due for publication, all too often new writers will use friends and family to review the book pre-publication and often this is the wrong thing to do as I have found out.   Due to feedback, I have for on the book I opted to pull it and rewrite it, the edited version will be up in a few months. To tell you the truth people who lie and say it is perfect can make it impossible to sell the book sure I would like to read the book and have feedback so I will be looking for people away from my normal social group and looking for alpha readers and reviewers to ensure the book is the best it can be before re-releasing the novel.    What seems perfect to me and my friends who have known the story for many years may not be perfect for the vast majority of the readers.

I love reading and writing as well as inspiring people but the simple truth is I am a joke or that is how I have been feeling over the years and even as I type this I consider myself to be this but according to many I am wrong and can inspire many to follow their dreams so even if I do not achieve mine then I can be sure to inspire others and make it known that no matter what is going on in your life you need an outlet in this mad dash crazy word we all live in and writing or singing is a good one.  Within the next few weeks, I will be putting up stories and poems and slowly get myself back on my feet as well as this I am aiming to start working out at the local gym.

Previous challenges in the past few months are going well we have been ordering our meat from the meat man in Oswestry and the cornish pasties from the Chough Pasty company these are slightly smaller but chapter than the Philips ones but both are good value for money and cheaper than the shops.  But still, full off what we need possibly the best meal I have a month given the high prices of daily living.

The Meatman continues to be a supply of fresh cheap meat it seems to be cheaper than the local butchers.  For a while, this will need to stop so I can afford to save but this being said I am hardly eating A highlight of the week was the fact I ate something I have not been abe to eat for over ten years due to the food associated hallucinations caused by my mental health.  That item was rice which I made into rice fresh mixed veg and curry sauce with chicken mixed in and allowed to soak, not only the remaining water as I did not drain it in but the curry sauce cooked into the rice and I was able to eat it.

Throughout our lives, there are ways to challenge ourselves to be better people or to eat healthily or something else it could be to lose weight,.  Others state that to fix problems with someone’s mental well-being you need to tend to all the things that can affect the physical?  what are your views on this subject?  Many people say that to solve problems of the mind we need to I will be back in a few months with regards to the ongoing stories within this blog.


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