Catherine’s tale (Erten tales short story 1)

“They want to kill you, your not like them don’t tell them anything.” Catherine went cold as ice the room she knew no one outside could hear her screams, but she tried to push the voice back as she struggled to write what they wanted. The sweat poured from her brow as she nervously started to write. Have you ever felt you don’t belong? Have you ever had the dream of a Space Machine? Ever since I was little, I have dreams of far off worlds, the universe not too dissimilar to that of our own. Controlled by the dark forces and militia groups working for the powers that be the people in the world not being what they seem, and other than a few I was able to tell and know I was ridiculed for the beliefs I was often able to tell them things which have now come true. I do not fully understand where the information I have come from or what I am to do, but one thing I do know is that this transference of knowledge which has come from other dreamscapes and times as well as places often to some degree or another fit within the world we have. I do not seek to make a fortune I do not strive to be famous, but I do attempt to enlighten the people I meet.