Rebels of Blood Moon Sample chapter

When the hell started it was the summer of twenty twelve was a time of turmoil, as the people of Galaric and Erten cast the votes upon the unified order of the brethren of Danae. A powerful dark force within the series of planets that the brethren controlled Erten demanded their freedom from the order and the Glarian’s wanted the Ertens to stay as part of the union. Many say they voted to leave as a protest while others voted to leave through seeing much land around devastated, and many other lands the order stood custodial of. They declared it was best for the union to stay along with the pacts with little thought of consideration. Some speak of the dark forces which guided their hands, the day they voted their minds somehow clouded by the decision they had to make. At this time it the order found out that a group of mercenaries would play a very important part within the new phase of the universal transference, But many declared the brethren a dark order and the decree was dark act causing too much suffering among the people. Acts that utilised torture for punishments the hunting squads, the dark overlords. As this occurred there was blood on the streets of Erten and Galaria as the people stood and watched the suffering the darkness seeped out of the wounds of society fragile existence.

The Tale of Templeton (Short Story 3)

As the sun set upon the land, Templeton walked through the hussell and bussell of the busy streets. The drones are flying high in the sky, as the men and women go about their daily business. As the street children hiding in the sewer pipes and caves, as the wealthy elite living and getting richer by the minute. Not stopping to care or even give the children and homeless a second glance as Templeton walked through the tunnels and back streets. He is aware of the world he is in and the pain that his family had seen, but there was little he could do to stop it as he looked at his friends and then to his watch before he started to run through the streets. As he became aware that his curfew was at home by 6 pm, but he did not care. Eventually, the sun set and he walk alone his parents had sold him out to the authority for the theft of one of his dad’s work cars. As he walked with this firmly in his mind, he knew he was supposed to be home for six pm as his custodian and case worker was meant to meet him to discuss the last race. He had been involved with as he felt the cold chill in the air which seemed to strangely engulf his very being and wrap him in this strange cold embrace which chilled him through to the very core of his being.
“Your father has the cops looking and the hunters, they want you bad Templeton. why you nick the trucks?” a tall, dark haired man looked at the small child as he looked at his friend with a smile.

A Child of The Shadows (An Erten Short Story)

“I will go first racing McGregor, first up.” he smiles as he looks to his friends and jumps into the car before driving to the starting line. MacGregor was older than I was at this time he would have been fifteen and smartly dressed he was from the rich end of town a fact. No one seems to mind for a rich kid he only ever seems to use the cars he wants rid of, and therefore our was usually better than his. The teen looked over with a smirk as he looked to the dodge and ran his hand over the car.

Catherine’s tale (Erten tales short story 1)

“They want to kill you, your not like them don’t tell them anything.” Catherine went cold as ice the room she knew no one outside could hear her screams, but she tried to push the voice back as she struggled to write what they wanted. The sweat poured from her brow as she nervously started to write. Have you ever felt you don’t belong? Have you ever had the dream of a Space Machine? Ever since I was little, I have dreams of far off worlds, the universe not too dissimilar to that of our own. Controlled by the dark forces and militia groups working for the powers that be the people in the world not being what they seem, and other than a few I was able to tell and know I was ridiculed for the beliefs I was often able to tell them things which have now come true. I do not fully understand where the information I have come from or what I am to do, but one thing I do know is that this transference of knowledge which has come from other dreamscapes and times as well as places often to some degree or another fit within the world we have. I do not seek to make a fortune I do not strive to be famous, but I do attempt to enlighten the people I meet.