Rebels of Blood Moon Sample chapter

When the hell started it was the summer of twenty twelve was a time of turmoil, as the people of Galaric and Erten cast the votes upon the unified order of the brethren of Danae. A powerful dark force within the series of planets that the brethren controlled Erten demanded their freedom from the order and the Glarian’s wanted the Ertens to stay as part of the union. Many say they voted to leave as a protest while others voted to leave through seeing much land around devastated, and many other lands the order stood custodial of. They declared it was best for the union to stay along with the pacts with little thought of consideration. Some speak of the dark forces which guided their hands, the day they voted their minds somehow clouded by the decision they had to make. At this time it the order found out that a group of mercenaries would play a very important part within the new phase of the universal transference, But many declared the brethren a dark order and the decree was dark act causing too much suffering among the people. Acts that utilised torture for punishments the hunting squads, the dark overlords. As this occurred there was blood on the streets of Erten and Galaria as the people stood and watched the suffering the darkness seeped out of the wounds of society fragile existence.