E L Hewitt


Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening.

My name is E L Hewitt this stands for Emma L Hewitt, I am an aspiring author and poet who has published several books on Amazon each one has been an achievement for me to publish even though they have been self-published it is something that I never thought I would do. Over the past year, I have written, and various self-published works on different sites, which ranged from stories through to poems and information on mental illness. I have a blog page on Facebook entitled Dreams from a Fractured World this has a lot of my poetry and stories as well as various other writing on the page. Although my primary focus is now on a series I have been writing about for several years, Rebels of Blood Moon – The Erten Tales Series which is a New Adult Science Fiction Dystopian Novel. As this means, it’s aimed at readers aged eighteen through to thirty, but I would like to say it is also Adult fiction, this in itself is a change from my original intended audience which was originally teen fiction. On this page, I intend to write about the ideas and characters that are contained within the stories and show where much of the ideas of the world I strive to create in the books resides. I have written for fun for many years and often wrote my poetry for family and friends, as well as to inspire people and help them in their times of need. Many of the poems included here are to do with the books I am writing, but I have also included some of the seasonal poetry I write on a daily basis.

Avallech Orion is a character who briefly appears in the first book; his tales told through the stories titled Orions Tales.

Dallas Gourdin is the central character in the first book, his tales are in regards to his travels and works as well as his family a soldier out of his time and place in the world.

John Hunter and the Hunter family tales displayed as the Dark Fortress of Glaria

The tales of Erten is a series of short stories which aim to show where the main influences behind my novel are concerned.

Over time there will be many more stories to come.

I wish you all best for 2017

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